Outdoor cooling & misting systems -DubaiHave you ever wondered how outdoor cooling is being done in the world? Yes.! It is possible through a wide range of cooling systems including misting fans and mist systems, misting machines as well as patio misting systems.

So, what is misting? It is an artificially created fog. This is achieved by pressurizing water through a special pump and a nozzle which able to atomize water into the environment. One particle of this created mist is ultra-fine. The size is about 10 microns which are one tenth of the size of human hair. When misting, fans create this mist, that will bring down the temperature outside rapidly. The exact amount of temperature reduces is dependent on the model and the area covered by the fans. If we give you a range, your outdoor cooling system will reduce the temperature 5 to 15 degrees Celsius.

These outdoor cooling systems are largely being used in the sports sector. Therefore, the players can play their game in a more comfortable environment created by misting fans. This will lead to the maximum performances of each and every player. On the other hand, these outdoor cooling solutions with misting fans are so much beneficial in the summer season. You are now able to create a cool outdoor compound so that you can play with your children and have lots of fun. Not only that, the misters will clear the air from dust, smoke particles, and other airborne particles. This will give your small child a good healthy atmosphere to play.

There are several other uses of these outdoor mist cooling systems in addition to outdoor cooling. The landscaping and special water effects are others of them. Apart from outdoor cooling, these misting fans can be used to add fogging effects to decorate landscapes while making more comfortable environment. These outdoor cooling systems are able to create thick fogs which look natural. These fogs are useful in movie sets, restaurants and kid’s parks etc. Therefore, now you can just put an end to the time you restricted your imagination. You can start to create your dream world in the real world by yourself.

The other most attractive use of those outdoor coolers in Dubai is the thermal curtains. These misting fans are able to create the mist that acts like a thermal curtain surrounding the periphery of your house, office and any other property. The thermal curtain will prevent the heat coming from outside. Therefore, the need of using air conditioners inside becomes low. This peculiar use of outdoor cooling systems will provide more fresh and natural form of cooling during whole summer seasons. But this will work properly in low humid atmospheres than highly humid conditions like coastal area.