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› Outdoor coolers and air evaporative coolers In Dubai – The facts:

Accept it, you can survive in summer without having AC or evaporative air outdoor coolers in Dubai due to extremely high temperature which cross 55C sometime. Middle East is well known for desert and its very hot weather. Especially when we talk about country like UAE, it is known one of the warmest country in the world. Every year many people also die in UAE, due to hot heat of summer. So, it is very necessary for you to have outdoor coolers in Dubai to survive. You will not see any place in Dubai where there are AC’s are on or air collars are thronging cool wind on you to keep your body temperature normal and also the atmosphere. Whether its shopping malls, parking areas and even open streets, the air coolers and AC’s are always on to keep the temperature low.

Dubai weather outdoor cooling-for using evaporative outdoor coolers


Purchasing A/C in Dubai is indeed one of the easiest way to keep your house or industrial indoor cool. But outdoors is different story beside not everyone in Dubai can purchase it due to high cost of AC brands and also it operating cost is very high.

Evaporative outdoor coolers in Dubai is a great solution to keep the patios cool and it is also a great alternative of A/C in term of operating cost while its purchasing cost it low as compare to AC. Air coolers also cover the more areas as compare to AC to provide cooling where it does not generate its own artificial air but it’s make the air cold and keep the oxygen fresh in the air which promotes your health. Evaporative coolers also increase the humidity level in air and helps to get rid from dry air.

Let’s take a look at different benefits of having evaporative outdoor coolers in UAE:

› Less purchase and operating cost:

As compare to other source of cooling, air collar are much cheaper in price. Whether you compare air coolers in Dubai price with AC or cooling plants, you won’t get them cheaper then air coolers. Also, the operating cost of industrial coolers are much low as compare to AC’s because its required low voltage of electricity and its motor power could work on electric generators and high voltage UPS as well. So, if you are looking for and economical and effective solution for cooling to use for industrial purpose then air coolers are the best option.

› Different sizes of OUTDOOR air coolers are available:

Air coolers are usually known for industrial use only where this assumption is wrong because they come with different sizes and shaped which can be fit in house, office and shop as well. As compare to AC, air coolers works in much better way to keep the air fresh with oxygen because it does not refine the current air but makes the existing air cool by passing through the air cooler.

 Evaporative air cooler is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving cooling equipment which integrates water cooling and air cooling, heat transfer and mass transfer process. It has the advantages of compact structure, high heat transfer efficiency, low investment rate and low operating cost. Evaporative air cooler in the oil refining, metallurgy, electricity, refrigeration, light industry and other industries have a broad application prospects, air cooling technology is a new direction. Evaporative air-cooled research began in the sixties, mainly used in engine engine jacket water cooling, compressor cooling room, lubricating oil cooling and so on. Evaporative air cooler works: evaporative air cooler is the tube heat exchanger placed in the tower, through the circulation of air, spray water and circulating water heat exchange to ensure the cooling effect. Because it is closed cycle, which can ensure that the water quality from pollution, a good protection of the main equipment of the efficient operation and improve the service life. When the outside temperature is low, you can stop the spray water system, play a water-saving effect. Pushing the implementation and the increasing scarcity of water resources, national energy conservation policy in recent years dense closed cooling tower in iron and steel metallurgy, power electronics, machining, air conditioning systems and other industries has been widely used.

Evaporative cooler circulating cooling water system in the metallurgical, petrochemical, power, chemical, building materials and other industries have applications.

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