You are welcome to!  We are the leading seller of air coolers, patio heaters and misting fans for residents and industries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE. We provide homes, restaurants, industrial factories, warehouses, and events with evaporative air coolers, misting fans and portable air conditioners (Mobile AC) for indoor and outdoor use with various designs and brands to feel the best of coolness and freshness at any time. We also sell patio heaters for optimum warmth during winter when the cold becomes unbearable. We are always at your service.

We understand that high humidity can be frustrating and have serious effects on human health especially in asthmatics and people with heart problems. With our evaporative coolers, the days of unpleasant evening, discomfort and hazy conditions are over. At Desert-cooler, we bring you the comfort you desire and let you enjoy all outdoor activities for as long as you want.

For years, we have stayed successfully in business because we have been able to satisfy our esteemed buyers by selling the right products that suit their needs. We remain at the top because we put you. First, we fulfil to all the promises we make, and we have put in our best to earn your trust

We are setting new standards in the sale of cooling systems and patio heaters of all kinds, and we maintain the standards through customer service, reliability and buyers satisfaction.

We also have a rental service that delivers our products at your door step for your wedding, functions, parties and any other outdoor event. We have dedicated staff that will attend to your requests and treat you well. You can also contact us through our email or put a call through to us.

You are fee to access our website at any time of the day, and you can also reach us by phone from wherever you are in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. If you need any help in selecting the right products, we are always there to put you through.

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